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Adrian D. Cranford, Esq.

For the last 10 years, Attorney Cranford has settled over a million dollars in personal injury cases (auto accidents, bed bugs, dog bite, slip and fall).  Additionally, Attorney Cranford has won multiple Unemployment Compensation cases which entitled employees to collect employment checks; representing criminals unjustly accused of crimes; stopped evictions, which allowed tenants to stay in their residences; negotiated a return of tenant’s security deposits from their landlord; enabled the transfer of employees who had faced hostile work environments into new positions; and has reunited parents (who have lost their guardianship rights) with their children.

Cranford’s impressive list of clientele includes Rakim from the legendarily hip-hop duo Eric B. & Rakim, David C. Datelle (policy analyst for President Clinton, consultant to Senator Edward Kennedy, as well as the drafter of all of the writing for NAFTA), Doc-Ish (beat maker/Eminem), Ellen Muth (TV Show "Law and Order"), Dean Lennert (film maker & head animator for Saturday Night Live), Carol Hann ("I Can Stop the Rain" charts in Billboard), Retired NFL Player Alfred Fields, Kim Meyers (entertainment for President Obama), and Derrick Starks (Grammy Nominated).